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Shure  SM7B

The broadcast standard that is also an amazing recording mic. The 7B is an essential in the mic locker. A choice mic for Grammy winning performances.

Electrovoice RE-20

Another broadcast standard with a different flavor. Great on bass guitars, kick drums, and close vocals with a deep voice. Perfect for voice overs and podcasts.

Miktek CV3

Large diaphragm tube condenser mic delivers amazing tube warmth, rich wide open sound,  and incredible versatility. Smooth and beautiful.

sE X1R

Ribbon microphone with a rich, vintage sound. Balanced for added articulation, while retaining the darker ribbon character.

sE 4400a

Twin-diaphragm LDC. This fantastic all-rounder sounds terrific on almost any sound source. Beautiful on acoustic guitar, or capture anything in a realistic way.

AT 4040

LDC that offers smooth, natural, and extremely musical sonic character with a wide dynamic range. Accurate reproduction of even the most subtle sounds.

Baby Bottle.png

Blue Baby Bottle

The Blue Baby Bottle LDC has a rich, present midrange, smooth top-end, and a neutral bottom, making this a great mic to capture warm vocals, and add richness to acoustic guitars. 


Shure SM58

The most popular handheld microphone on the face of the planet. Quality, consistency, and durability for vocalist that like to hold the mic.


Shure SM57

Clear and present dynamic instrument mic. The standard for recording the bite of guitar cabs, and the crack of snare drums.

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