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A Midsummer Night's Musical

Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts

These original music tracks were created, recorded, mixed, and the audio was mastered by Spike Katz at Mobile Mic Studios for the musical adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Conceptualized by Daniel Lee White, with the help of Marlon Carey, Shakespeare was put to music.

What Thou Seest - A Midsummer Night's Musical
Over Hill Over Dale - A Midsummer Night's Musical
Puck Spins Bottom - A Midsummer Night's Musical
Oberon Is Not Happy - A Midsummer Night's Musical
Come Sit Thee Down - A Midsummer Night's Musical
Midsummer Night's Musical.jpg

The Righteous Tithe

Triamble Films

These original tracks were created by Spike Katz and Ellie Dickinson at Mobile Mic Studios for the 2011 full length independent film "The Righteous Tithe" starring Sean Tucker (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Helix, Metal Tornado, Guy X, View of Terror), Rachelle Casseus, and Greg Hiscock.

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